Development Centers (5-8 Years)


TTi Announces New Structure for Development Centers in Line with TTi Programming

TTi’s Development Centers are for Children 5-8 Years Old in the Greater Houston Area.

Research has shown that involvement in sport at a young age can help in developing basic motor and cognitive skills. TTi Development Centers use fun based soccer training activities that focus on developing a range of fundamental skills.

Specific focus is given to agility, balance and coordination, physical awareness, movement patterns and sequences, spatial awareness, social skills and listening skills.

Sessions are designed around fun based games that promote the TTi’s core values. TTi’s Program was created in tandem by coaches and professional child development experts that have extensive experience in designing child centered training programs.

Each session is delivered by highly enthusiastic and experienced TTi youth soccer coaches. While the theme of the session is soccer, the main focus of the program is to help develop a strong physically foundation and advanced motor skills.

"Each TTi Development Center provides a unique learning and challenging environment for 5-8 year old players unlike any other program” 

- TTi Development Center Parent