The Technical Institute Furthers Partnership with PlayerTek GPS Systems by Catapault

TTi are pleased to announce the acquisition of new PlayerTek GPS tracking equipment for our membership.

GPS technology is a great addition to the sport science services that are on offer at TTi, which already utilizes heart rate monitoring during sessions and player ratings for College Process members.  The addition of PlayerTek will provide staff with more information on player performance and allow us to help manage the physical workload of attending TTi in addition to balancing club and school games or training sessions.

layerTek technology will let TTi staff track a wide range of aspects of football performance during a training session.  Total distance covered, changes of direction and speed, accelerations, impacts and the areas of the field an individual is performing most of their activity.  This, in combination with what the coaches are seeing on the pitch, gives us the opportunity to provide in depth feedback to each individual.

TTi Sports Science Manager Ed Shone said "Managing the workload of players is particularly important, as we know that they have a number of commitments away from TTi, both athletically and academically. We want players who attend our sessions to get as much from them as possible and feel that they are getting better every time they come to training.  PlayerTek's approach to individualizing the performance of a player goes hand in hand with the TTi approach that each player is unique and have different needs". 

Sporting Director, Lee Cullip added "the continuing use of cutting edge techniology helps our players to understand themselves better and learn to apply that knowledge is at the core of our value system at TTi".

Adam Faust