"I would like to take the opportunity to endorse the practices created by Lee and his staff at The Technical Institute. This technically based individual long term development curriculum challenges players in a positive setting and inspires them to improve on the field and grow as individuals off the field.

The holistic approach and attention to detail by the staff creates a wonderful learning environment, which will see athletes improve significantly. I would highly recommend TTi to any aspiring soccer player, and now with the addition of a WPSL team there is an even greater pathway to help become a professional athlete in the future."

Tom Sermanni, New Zealand WNT Head Coach, Former Orlando Pride, Australian WNT and USA WNT Coach Endorses TTi


"Lee Cullip is a high level coach with a great love and knowledge of the game. His  role at TTi promises to bring a fast paced and dynamic learning program to the Houston area. TTi will cover all aspects of the game whilst keeping an emphasis on the individual player development. Lee Cullip has assembled a quality staff to aid him in his goal. I have no doubt that the TTi program will continue to develop and grow. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the players involved."

James Ritchie
Assistant Coach, OKC Energy FC


"Having known Lee professionally and personally for several years I have noticed that his philosophies and attention to detail are only equal to his passion for truly developing players in an environment that is definitively based around the internal and external needs of the specific player. These pieces, the ideology and positive learning environment set TTi apart from other player development programs. I am happy to recommend TTi."

Sam Laity
Seattle Reign Assistant Coach


"I have known Lee for over ten years inside and outside of soccer.  One thing that I have always admired about Lee is that I feel his personality comes through when he is coaching which is a skill in itself and I feel all players respond to that.  He remembers that it is about improving players in a fun competitive environment which sadly these days most coaches get the balance completely wrong.

I have upwards of 20 players working with Lee and TTi, he is in constant contact to see what I feel the players need to work on so this makes it more relevant to the game and there is a clear plan to improve players over a period of time that he works with.

I am proud to call Lee a friend and will be sending him more players in the future."

Danny Hill
Albion Hurricanes Girls Director


"I worked with Lee for around six months in 2009 during my early coaching days, he was a fantastic mentor and I learnt a lot around player development and how to structure training sessions for specific groups. Over the years we have kept in touch and he is still available if I need any advice to do with coaching and soccer. I certainly benefited from working with him during my early coaching career and owe him credit for what I have gone on to achieve."

Caroline Ames
Sunderland AFC Academy



"Playing with TTi was an awesome experience. It allowed me to train in a competitive environment where I was able to improve my technical and tactical skills while also staying in shape so I was physically fit for my next team after the season. For me, TTi not only helped me become a better player, but created an environment where you were encouraged, complimented and positively reinforced to where you were allowed to be creative and develop your game without holding anything back or being afraid to endure a mistake up. This did wonders for my confidence and soccer mentality that I truly believe wouldn't have gotten from any other WPSL team. The comradery within the organization is unmatched to other organizations I have previously been apart of and the bonds and relationships made on and off the field allowed us to exceed our expectations.

I will forever be grateful toward Lee and the TTi staff for recruiting me to play with the Bluebonnets. Their support and genuine concern for wanting the players to succeed helped me tremendously. They made sure we were well equipped and treated us as professionals. All of this prepared me for my team I would be going to play on next in Sweden named Skövde KIK where I hope I am able to have a smiler experience to the one I had at TTi and continue working toward my dream of becoming a professional soccer player."

Kendall Fischlein
Professional Player Skövde KIK


"I really don't know exactly where to start, this summer I played under the guidance of Lee Cullip and his TTi staff and wow, what an amazing, inspirational, and all around great experience. The footballing knowledge of everyone at TTi is simply spectacular, not only is the knowledge great but so too are the training sessions and workouts. I really have excelled my footballing intellect and skill while at TTi because of the positive atmosphere and play free environment in conjunction with being surrounded by great talent as well. I was also able to spend time with the youth players whom are so talented and have impacted me so greatly. I am so unbelievably excited to see where this beautiful game takes them! TTi, the WPSL team and coaching staff, and my amazing host family will forever hold a special place in my heart and I know that no matter what I will always have a home back in Houston."

Natasha "Tosh" Minor
Professional Player Skövde KIK


"During my time with Lee, one characteristic that I recognized was his absolute passion for soccer. 

He is a true student of the game and effectively applies his knowledge to both training and matches.

This is just one example of the many valuable assets I believe Lee would bring to your players. I’m confident that Lee possesses the knowledge, experience, energy and passion necessary to excel at the highest level.”

Kika Toulouse
Former Professional Player and Television Host


"Throughout my years of playing I have encountered a variety coaches, all with different philosophies and coaching styles. It became clear to me through experience that there are few coaches out there who truly know how to teach the important fundamentals. Coach Cullip is clearly one of these great individuals. His experience throughout his travels, from Texas to California and everywhere in between, have given him the tools he needs to become an influential figure in the soccer world. 

Coach Cullip is very knowledgeable about the basics of soccer and understands how fine-tuning those basics can make you a better player overall. In addition, he encourages you to work on your weaknesses both during and outside of his training sessions. It is comforting to know that Coach Cullip always has your best interest at heart, both on and off the field. I have had the pleasure of working with Coach Cullip both as an assistant with his young girls’ team and as a player in his private training sessions. I will always be grateful for the lessons he has taught me and will always be willing to work with him again."

Lucy Almao
Player at Pacific University


"The Technical Institute's training is very unique to other training centers as it works not only the players' physical side, but also the players' perseverance strength and mentality which many coaches don't think to focus on. 

I have definitely noticed that after I have trained with TTi on a regular basis that all of the high and low aspects of my game are being pushed to be the very best possible. Coach Lee and his training staff have elevated my game to be played at a level beyond than what I believed was capable."

Josie Majowka
TTi Player


Thank you to all of our friends and supporters!