Pre-Formation (9-11/12 Yrs)


TTi Pre Formation is for Children 9-11/12 Years Old. The Pre Formation program is aimed at the players not yet graduated to 11 v 11 play. TTi uses a “Whole-Part-Whole” methodology with the players during these sessions.

Specific focus is given to agility, balance and coordination, physical awareness, movement patterns and sequences, technical literacy specific to aerial control, dribbling, receiving and passing over short, medium and long distances.

Each session is delivered in a “Whole-Part-Whole” methodology by highly enthusiastic and experienced TTi youth soccer coaches. The sessions are themed on technical literacy, attacking & defending in 1 v 1 & small group situations, small sided games and functional finishing aerially, on the dribble and on the ground. These activities are based on TTi core beliefs and building player confidence individually and in small groups.