Frequently Asked questions


On the financial side, we want to make sure that we give you value for your money and time. Here are some answers to some questions that you may have for TTi:
How Much is TTi?

Development Center

Houston $109 Per Month

South Campus $109 Per Month


Houston $229 Per Month

South Campus $159 Per Month

The Institute, College Process & Goalkeeping

Houston $239 Per Month

South Campus $179 Per Month

What do I Get?

You will receive a training uniform - New Balance shirt & shorts (amongst other time-to-time gifts). Most of these items will arrive upon signing. 

You also get access to (in 2019);

  • Over 24 Sessions per month

  • 7 Week Long Camps

  • 6 Day Festivals

  • 10 Collegiate Visits

All is included in your membership.

Booking Sessions

TTi understands how busy you are as a youth footballer. We use Teamsnap to book all sessions. Just log in and click the sessions you would like to attend. 
What is Teamsnap?

Teamsnap is an application the TTi uses to communicate with all member en mass. Teamsnap will give you the TTi up to date calendar and any changes that may happen at the convenience of your phone.
How Many Players in a Session?

We try to maintain a 3:1-8:1 Player Coach Ratio, however we are aware that creating potential scenarios for 2 v 2 & 3 v 3 play are also a very important piece of the development puzzle. We will always create a numerical environment where the staff to player ratio will create an optimum development environment for the player. We will work tirelessly to improve our information and use the most up to date equipment, science and coaching techniques.
Are the Members Benefits Included in the Cost?

All Listed Camps, Festivals & TTi Events are a FREE benefit for TTi Membership.
What happens if I’m injured?

It happens to everyone. It’s a fact of sport. When you are injured we save your spot and your account will be charged 50% until you are able to return to play. If the injury is longer term, we will go on a case-by-case basis and determine the best course of action for the player and family.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Membership cancellation requests are to be made via email to  Once membership cancellation is requested the cancellation will will take place on that day). The member will not be authorized to attend after this date and no refund will take place. In addition you will not be charged on the next billing date (1st or 15th).

To request a Cancellation please include your name, your Child's name and the campus you attend in your email to,  verbal request will not be honored.  

TTi is a pay-as-you-go service therefore no refund will be given, we do not provide refunds. You can cancel the service at any time and you won't be charged again, but you are responsible for any charges already incurred.

Upon rejoining TTi, you would be culpable for the enrollment fee of $35.

For example, if your billing date is the 1st and you request cancellation on the 7th, there would be no refund for that month and membership would cease, but you would not be charged at the next billing date. 
What are TTi Events?

TTi Events are various events through out the year for the players to participate in. TTi will participate in 3 v 3 Tournaments, Host a Festival, Play Various "One-Off" Matches and have guest coaches and appearances through the year! It could also be a trip to a Professional or College match!
Where Does TTi Train?
TTi Trains out of three locations;


Regis Middle School of the Sacred Heart 7330 Westview Dr. Houston, TX 77055. 

South Campus

9100 South FWY Houston, Texas 77051


Details Pending

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