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About Us


TTi is a multi faceted soccer program based out of the Regis School of Sacred Heart in Houston, TX and at Glenn York Elementary in Pearland, TX.


Founded in 2015, The Technical Institute (TTi) is a multi-faceted soccer program based out of two campuses, The Regis School of Sacred Heart in Houston, Texas and Glenn York Elementary in  Pearland, Texas. 

In 2017 TTi  added the top of our developmental pyramid, the WPSL.

Here at TTi, we whole-heartedly believe in our philosophy in players long and short term development in the game of soccer. Our Professional and experienced approach to educating the youth soccer community in Houston is something that will help guide young players through their youth development from the age of 4 years right up to the post collegiate play. 

Why TTi?


Individual Attention, Professional Approach, Quality of Instruction, Information Given, Experienced Advice, College and Professional Contacts as well as a Teachers and Educators Approach to your development both short and long term.

Open yourself to develop in program that is specific to your goals. Develop yourself, build your technical and tactical literacy through the extra work every player requires from Youth to Pro to be their best. The attention to detail the TTi Staff prides itself in will help you to become the player you
envision yourself as.

The Technical Institute is designed and dedicated specifically toward getting the absolute best out of each and every player.

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Development Centers (4-8 Years)


TTi Announces New Structure for Development Centers in Line with TTi Programming

TTi’s Development Centers are for Children 4-8 Years Old in the Greater Houston Area.

Research has shown that involvement in sport at a young age can help in developing basic motor and cognitive skills. TTi Development Centers use fun based soccer training activities that focus on developing a range of fundamental skills.

Specific focus is given to agility, balance and coordination, physical awareness, movement patterns and sequences, spatial awareness, social skills and listening skills.

Sessions are designed around fun based games that promote the TTi’s core values TTi’s Program was created in tandem by coaches and professional child development experts that have extensive experience in designing child centered training programs.

Each session is delivered by highly enthusiastic and experienced TTi youth soccer coaches. While the theme of the session is soccer, the main focus of the program is to help develop a strong physically foundation and advanced motor skills.

"Each TTi Development Center provides a unique learning and challenging environment for 4-8 Year
old players unlike any other program”

- TTi Development Center Parent

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Pre-Formation (9-11/12 Yrs)


TTi Pre Formation is for Children 9-11/12 Years Old. The Pre Formation program is aimed at the players not yet graduated to 11 v 11 play. TTi uses a “Whole-Part-Whole” methodology with the players during these sessions.

Specific focus is given to agility, balance and coordination, physical awareness, movement patterns and sequences, technical literacy specific to aerial control, dribbling, receiving and passing over short, medium and long distances.

Each session is delivered in a “Whole-Part-Whole” methodology by highly enthusiastic and experienced TTi youth soccer coaches. The sessions are themed on technical literacy, attacking & defending in 1 v 1 & small group situations, small sided games and functional finishing aerially, on the dribble and on the ground. These activities are based on TTi core beliefs and building player confidence individually and in small groups.

The Institute (12/13-14 years)


The Institute is the step between Pre-Formation and 11 v 11 play. At this point of development technical application is reinforced. Players external understand of the requirements of playing at a high level are introduced and executed. Tactics become more pertinent and tactical literacy is also introduced into every session. In addition goal setting becomes an established piece of the development puzzle.

College Process         (14-18 Years)


The College Process is the progression from The Institute in preparation for College Soccer. Players in the College Process Phase will not only execute necessary technical applications required for college soccer, but also guide them through the maze that is college recruitment. Concepts and phases of play commonly seen in College soccer will be taught and highlighted to the players in preparation for their own college experience.

Players will have access to a College Process Manager to assist them through their personal and individualised college recruitment process, guiding them step by step through to college admission. 

Players will have exposure to College Coaches from across the United States, have various games and events filmed for recruiting and analysis purposes as well as well as informative guidance throughout the process of being recruited. 

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TTi Membership


Unlimited TTi Sessions
All Camps, Clinics, Friendlies and Events are
included in Monthly TTi Membership. 

How Much is TTi?
New members sign a month-to-month agreement which rolls over. If the player leaves the program there is a 30 day cancellation notice required.

Membership Pricing

Development Center: 4–8 years
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Pre-Formation: 9–11/12 years
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Goalkeeping: 9-18 Years
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This is paid via credit or debit card. 

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