Coach Both Long to Visit TTi Campuses

December 5th 2018

Both Long will be visiting TTi campuses this coming week at TTi.

Sporting Director, Lee Cullip met Both whilst delivering a Coaching Course in 2016 “I me Both as a promising young coach just out of Boston University and have kept in touch over the years since” Cullip commented “Both is passionate and Carin about his delivery to youth players. We are happy to have him on Campus and know he will have an enjoyable time with our membership”.

Both Long started his coaching career as a youth head coach at Soccer Without Borders; my teaching career, as a Spanish teacher, began, soon after, at the Meadowbrook School. Over the course of the past five years--wearing both hats at New England preparatory schools--I have grown into an educator passionate about the holistic approach to player development.

Both is both passionate about using soccer as a tool blending character development and youth development. In striving towards teaching the tactical and technical sides of the game, Both also sees an opportunity to help players realize the best version of themselves. 

I am currently in the process of completing both US Soccer and USC Coaching Licenses and he aspires to push on with my coaching education courses towards the highest domestic and international levels.

Lee Cullip