TTi Seeks Sponsorship for WPSL Team

TTi is seeking Sponsorship from our current TTi membership, friends a companies in the Houston area that get excited about Women's Football in the community!

We will shortly be emailing with a brochure for Sponsorship outlining our specific goals. To see a copy earlier please click here:

WPSL Sponsorship Brochure

In 2017 Your TTi Bluebonnets went to the Sweet 16 Nationally. Help us to make 2018 a success! The past year has shown what a resilient community we have at TTi. We are seeking donations for the upcoming season with a goal of to cover all expenses for our WPSL athletes. This fundraising is important to the success for the team and the TTi community. In order to do so we are asking for 12 individual donations of $2500 to achieve our goal of $30,000. This is outlined in the attached presentation.

At TTi, we whole-heartedly believe in our philosophy in players long and short term development in the game of soccer. Our Professional and experienced approach to educating the youth soccer community in Houston is something that will help guide young players through their youth development from the age of 4 years right up to the post collegiate play.

In 2017 TTi  added the top of our developmental pyramid, the WPSL. In 2017 we went to the Sweet Sixteen – we want to improve that with your help!

By acquiring sponsorship funds for the WPSL team, we will be better equipped to further our Program to one far exceeding anything on the WPSL map. Growth and development of  TTi’s program will not only  benefit the members environment to succeed on the pitch,  but it will also create a name that is recognized WPSL wide, and as a by-product, networking opportunities that are invaluable.

Sponsorship donations would help us to provide travel expenses, quality professional training gear, top drawer training equipment, a backroom staff with resources of a professional caliber to provide valuable information back to the team and to our membership as a whole.

Thank you for your time and continued investment in TTi and your son’s and daughter’s future on and off the field.

Lee Cullip