Use of Teamsnap at TTi

January 21st 2019

At TTi we use the application Teamsnap to help run all of our programs. Teamsnap is not only beneficial to our members, but very helpful to our staff. In order for Teamsnap to be as effective as possible, both players and coaches use of the app is required. 

 Logistically Teamsnap helps our operation in the event of bad weather, location and time changes and important alerts and messages for our Membership. By downloading TeamSnap and using the app, you will be able to view all messages that apply to your campus and program. 

TTi Staff update Teamsnap quickly as possible to allow our members as much time as possible to view all available sessions to them. 

By players and parents using the Teamsnap application to show their availability, coaches are able to plan a session appropriate for the amount of players attending and session topic required. 

Teamsnap is an application we will continue to use to try and improve our membership’s experience with us. If you have any questions regarding how to use Teamsnap in any capacity please do not hesitate to contact any TTi staff member for assistance.

Lee Cullip