TTi Festival to Take Place at Pearland Campus

January 29th 2019

Pearland Campus will host its first ever festival in February at Glenn York Elementary School.

“The Festivals were so popular last year and one of our concepts that lie in our core beliefs that guided play and competition produce free-thinking players” Said Sporing Director, Lee Cullip “they were so popular we have opened them up to our Institute and College Process players and decided to host at Pearland Campus for the first time, which should make for an exciting day” Cullip concluded.

The TTi Festivals provide a small sided tournament outside for all the players. TTi varies the competition with a comprehensive warm up and then 1 v 1 - 7 v 7 play the January tournament will see TTi use individual and team points for the session!

TTi encourage players to bring a friend along with them!

“Its a great opportunity for us to get match like data from the players” Ed Shone, Sports Scientist said “we can give quality feedback based on these small sided matches” Ed finished saying.

The Festival Takes place at Glenn York on President’s Day 9-11am Monday 18th 2019.

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Lee Cullip