Ileana Moschos Joins TTi as College Process Manager

October 1st 2019

Ileana Moschos joins TTi Soccer’s Staff as College Process Manager.

Ileana is a former international, professional, collegiate, and youth women’s soccer player.

“I was lucky throughout my playing career to have achieved success at every level culminating with playing in the 2004 Olympics for the Greece Women’s National Team. Concurrently I have coached Division I college soccer for the last 22 years at various institutions” Said Moschos.\

Ileana is currently a YNT network scout for US Soccer.

“Within this role for US Soccer myself and the other scouts are trying to identify and  evaluate players that have the potential to play for our Youth National Teams and hopefully the Full National Team in the future. It is a process that I am honored, grateful and excited to be a part of” Moschos said of her role with US Soccer.

Ileana’s plan for the College Process Group is to provide the necessary education and proper competitive environment that illustrates what playing at the college level will be like. This is important as players and families need to possess the necessary tools to navigate the overwhelming information they will be exposed to and understand how to prioritize their wants & needs specifically to compliment their own college journey.

“Ileana is a longtime friend first and foremost” Sporting Director, Lee Cullip continued “We have worked with Ileana in the past but finally happy to have her, albeit remotely as a resource for our players at TTi and in the local community. Despite being one of the finest coaches I have ever seen, her experience and understanding will lend her to be an inspiration to our players and invaluable resource” Cullip said.

Ileana will begin this Journey in December with TTi hosting a TTi Soccer Showcase. More details to follow!

Lee Cullip