TTi Introduces Training "Blocks" Beginning in March 2019 to Develop Players

February 26th 2019

Training at TTi has changed dramatically over the course of the past few years - but always had the same mantra - Player first.

“Having specific periods of time to focus on specific aspects of the game is important to TTi’s core values” said Sporting Director Lee Cullip “it allows us to work around the players busy academic and sporting schedule with a real eye on focus of the development of the players in key areas” Cullip concluded.

Why Training Blocks?

Breaking down the year into 4 periods of time with different focuses in each time period is crucial to the development of the player. These “blocks” are based primarily around the academic schedule. This system of training allows for the coach to be continually concentrated on the players’ development over short and long periods of time.

In our 12 month training calendar we operate on a sequential 4 block system. Each block lasts for approximately 3 months and progresses the 4 corners of the game thematically. Our year-long syllabus focuses on developing the players’ specific technical, tactical, psychological, and physiological aspects of their game. 

The purpose of each block is to develop a well rounded player. The education within the blocks is biased towards overall mastery. This, with specific focus on different aspects of what is demanded from an individual player in any given situation.

All within the context of the team in the modern game.

Block I - March-May

Block II - June-August 

Block III - September-November

Block IV - December-February

Lee Cullip