Articles Added to TTi Innovation Center

March 19th 2019

Articles written by Chief Sports Scientist and Sporting Director Lee Cullip have been added to the Innovation Center.

Articles tackle both the position of TTi on Small Sided Games and Specific Training for Agility.

“Its easy to market specific training because players always want to improve on deficiencies. The truth is if a player is too slow then speed training whilst somewhat helpful isn’t going to turn you into Usain Bolt” said Ed Shone, TTi Sports Scientist “whilst they serve place for elite athletes in all sports, it is better to focus specifically on the football aspect. Hence, a technically gifted player usually out dues a physically superior player (see Lionel Messi)” Shone mused.

“Education is the forefront of what we do, so it makes sense to create and gather information in line with our vision and have an accessible place for it on our home website” said Lee Cullip TTi Sporting Director “I think we welcome any articles and information that would be of interest to our membership” Cullip concluded.

The TTi Innovation Center, set up in 2019 is a learning center that serves as a space where TTi Members and non-Members can gather information for innovation in football.

Lee Cullip