Paula Quintero leaves Bluebonnets for Santa Fe (COL)

May 25th 2019

Whilst the Bluebonnets open up their 2019 campaign at home to the Texas Titans this Wednesday 29th at 7pm Paula Quintero will be lacing up her boots a s professional.

The sought after central midfielder finally decided to make the move to Santa Fe in her homeland of Colombia. The former FIU standout is no stranger to higher levels representing Colombia at U20 level.

“Obviously the cornerstone of our focus continues is to educate players and help them onto professional contracts” Lee Cullip, TTi Sporting Director said “We are so happy that Paula has taken this opportunity to further herself in her hometown and represent Santa Fe. I hope this leads to more opportunities for her to represent Colombia as she did at U20. I am happy to see her get this opportunity” Cullip concluded.

You can find out more (en espanol) here;

Good luck Paula!

Lee Cullip