Bluebonnets Open Conference Play with Win

May 30th 2019

The Bluebonnets opened their Conference title defense against a physical Titans side yesterday evening.

Shaina Ward opens the scoring form he spot through what would be seen as a second penalty claim.

The Titans pulled one back through their only chance off the half shortly after.

The introduction of Siobhan Higgins into the front line gave the home side more mobility. Higgins immediately added her name to the score sheet to put the home side a 2-1 advantage.

As the fouls continued, it broke up the flow of the Bluebonnets attack and caused set pieces to become the forefront of the evening. A corner resulting from a Blanchard free kick was swung by Higgins to a perfect Stigilmar header. The young German adding her name to the scoresheet on her debut.

The German continued to impress throughout the evening when slotting balls to the Bluebonnet attack, led primarily though UCONN grad Elena Santos.

The second half saw no slow down in free kicks as a frustrated Titans continued to disrupt play through fouling for stoppage.

Center back Emily Townsend completed the set-piece master class adding a fourth before the match saw Ashley Ramsey dismissed for a second yellow.

The Titans pulled another back in a “stop and go” foray just with 15 minutes to play.

“We are pleased obviously to have started with points at home. When team stifle through physicality it is important to rise above and try to play which I think we did well in patches last night” said head coach, Lee Cullip
Player of the Match: Siobhan Higgins (TTi Bluebonnets)

The Bluebonnets host San Antonio on Saturday night at the OEC!

Lee Cullip