TTi Moves to POEC Campus June 15th-August 15th 2019

June 7th 2019

TTi will conduct 6 weeks of training and 2 weeks of camps at Presbyterian Outdoor Education Center June 15th - August 15th 2019.

After being informed that The Regis School of Sacred Heart would be closed to all outside entities as of June 15th, TTi staff have been working diligently to find an alternative location for all Houston Campus TTi programs for the 6 weeks of training, plus 2 weeks of camps. 

After contacting numerous schools, both private and public in the Spring Branch and Houston School districts, all facilities required for our training purposes are closed due to school policy or summer field maintenance/recovery. TTi staff also approached the local parks departments and city properties close to the Regis campus, unfortunately finding a similar outcome. 

In light of this difficult position, we have been forced to move all Houston Training sessions to our South Houston Campus, located at The Presbyterian Outdoor Education Campus (POEC) for 8 weeks (June 15th-Aug 15th). This facility is located at 9100 South Freeway, Houston. The PEOC is located approximately 20 minutes for the Regis School of Sacred Heart. We believe this is the best possible situation for the 6 weeks of 8 weeks in which Regis will be closed. 

Listed below you will find our daily session schedule for the 8 weeks at PEOC. This will be reflected in Teamsnap shortly. 

Daily Training Schedule

Development Center: 5:30pm- 6:30pm

Preformation: 5:30pm-6:50pm

TTi/Institute/College Process: 5:30pm – 6:50pm

Goalkeeping: 5:30pm - 6:50pm

Summer Camp Weeks

June 24th– June 27th Monday-Wednesday (9am-3pm) Thursday (9am-12:30pm)

July 29th– Aug 1st Monday-Wednesday (9am-3pm) Thursday (9am-12:30pm)

August 19th– 22nd Monday-Wednesday (9am-3pm) Thursday (9am-12:30pm)

Whilst we are disappointed that the Regis facility is not open for our use, we are excited about the prospect of our sessions being conducted at the Presbyterian Outdoor Education campus allowing us to offer sessions throughout the summer months.  

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the schedule over the summer, please do not hesitate to contact Sporting Director Lee Cullip: (360) 917-6816 or South Campus Lead coach Matt Evans: (281) 467-2985. 

Lee Cullip