Favorite Soccer Activities from the TTI Staff

August 28th 2019

Every so often, the staff will share one of their favorite activities to use in their sessions. This week is from Sporting Director, Lee Cullip who enjoys the below activity for 1 v 1 (and 2 v 2 Play).

“I like this activity because you could do it with three people, a couple balls and jumpers for goalposts”! Cullip laughs “The coach plays the ball into the two players that compete for the football, they must find space to turn and score in either goal, the first player to receive gets to go to goal, the defender must win the ball and dribble out of the area. Ultimately the body shape, awareness and quality of technique of the player are highlighted in these types of activities. In turn, this makes them true to the game itself” Cullip concluded.

3 Players, A Few Balls and a Small (wish) space and you can recreate the activity!

Lee Cullip