TTi Finds Temporary Home for July & August

June 29th 2018

As of June 18th the field at Regis has been under repair and will be unusable until approximately August 15th 2018 (hence the use of the gymnasium). We were notified of this being a potential change May 24th and this was confirmed June 6th 2018.

For the meantime we are fortunate to have a a short term contract to move the Houston Campus to Christ the King Presbyterian Church. Christ the King is approximately a 3 minute drive south-east of Regis (please see attached maps and address below). We will start sessions there Monday 2nd July and continue through Friday August 31st 2018.


Christ the King Presbyterian Church

1201 Silber Road




The North Gate, closest to the fields is on the West side of Silber Road.

Please enter and exit through the North Gate at CTK. We are permitted to park in the North Lot ONLY. There will be no access from the south side of the church. Please note that we are not permitted into the Church itself.

Sessions will run (This will be reflected in Teamsnap);

4.30-5.30pm - Development Center

6-7.25pm - Pre-Formation, Goalkeeping & TTi

Session and Camps times will be on Teamsnap as normal (this will be updated today). This will be, bar camps, the regular schedule through the next two months.

We thank you for your patience during this transitional period, we expect to be back at Regis under the lights in The Fall.

Lee Cullip