TTi Bluebonnet at FIFA World Cup

June 20th 2019

Toriana Patterson, who played with the Bluebonnets in 2018 player in this years World Cup in France representing Jamaica.

We sat down with Tori whilst she was in France!

Q: How has TTi helped you to get to where you are?

Tori: TTi gave me an environment that mirrored a professional environment. That was perfect for me because I was just coming off my first year as a professional but had picked up a hip injury in my offseason that had prevented me from finding a new club. So I was kind of in limbo as to what I was going to do next while rehabbing and how to get back in shape and ready to go again. Lee reached out and basically said come to Houston and we will get you ready. At that time I was still not playing because of my injury so it was great for him and the club to pick me up knowing that. TTi gave me exactly what I needed. I was able to finish my rehab relatively quickly and get the training I needed every single day. To top it off we played in games every week. My summer in Texas with Lee and TTi gave me the exact confidence and support I needed to believe in myself again after coming off an injury. I couldn’t be more thankful to him, the rest of the staff, the players and the rest of the organization. After leaving Houston at the end of the WPSL season I went straight into playing for the Jamaica national team in preparation for World Cup qualification. Without Lee and TTi, I can confidently say I would not have been ready to compete without them. 

Q: What are you most excited about for World Cup?

Tori: I am ecstatic to be on the roster! I’ve been playing for Jamaica since I was 16 so to see the growth of this program and to reach such a prestigious tournament just makes me so proud. I’ve dreamt about something like this all my life so I just really want to be able to enjoy the moment and soak up every second. And then obviously I’m looking forward to the competition. I wouldn’t be a real footballer if I didn’t point that out. We will be playing against the best of the best so I can’t wait to put all I’ve worked for to the test!

Q: What are your future football career plans?

Tori:  I haven’t been thinking too much about the future but I do know that the next club i play for I would really like it to feel like home for me. I want to find a club that I can stay at for a few seasons. That would mean a lot to me!  

Lee Cullip