Ed Shone Takes St. Pius X Position

September 19th 2019

TTi Soccer is pleased to announce that Ed Shone will be working as the head coach of the St Pius X Varsity Girls Soccer team for the 19/20 season. Shone will be continuing his work with TTi Soccer.

“First off I am very grateful to St Pius X and their Athletic Director, Jeff Feller, for allowing myself the opportunity to help build the girls soccer program at the school” said Ed Shone.

St. Pius X athletics share the TTi approach of long term player development and the building of a culture around the team and program that emphasizes the qualities of the individuals: allowing them an opportunity to develop as young players and people. For us, it also affords us an opportunity to get our soccer message out into another school and community, that is centered around the individual within the team setting.

Shone Continued “On the coaching side, we want to play attacking soccer that is fun to watch and be a part of, whilst remaining organized and difficult to beat. TTi wants players to be comfortable with the ball at their feet in all situations; that’s no different at St Pius X. Whilst this may take time, we are confident in the right environment that every player can flourish”.

There is a great support network available to us and we’re looking forward to a strong and healthy partnership over the next few years that puts St Pius X soccer on the Houston private schools map.

St Pius X begin their high school season in October 2019.

Lee Cullip