It's RAINING! What Can I do at Home?

September 20th 2019

“It’s Raining!”- What can I do at Home?

Use the above diagram with these pieces for some individual work in a small space.

Tips & Considerations:

Use a smaller ball if you can, No cones - use ANYTHING!, intersperse with push ups or sit ups, Go 2 times, make the time longer, grid bigger to make harder for yourself.

Grid: 4 x 4 Yards

Activity 1

Dribble any where in the grid for the following times:

30 Seconds (Rest 30)

45 Seconds (Rest 15)

60 Seconds (Rest 30)

Activity 2

Juggling Activity - STAY IN GRID!

30 Seconds - Right foot, Left Foot Pattern (Rest 30)

45 Seconds - Keep Ball ABOVE your head (Rest 15)

60 Seconds - Keep ball BELOW your waist (Rest 30)

Activity 3

Passing, Turning & Dribbling - Use a wall or board

Pass to the wall, turn sideways on then execute a 180 degree turn at the lone (uses any line) and repeat;

30 Seconds (Rest 30)

45 Seconds (Rest 15)

60 Seconds (Rest 30)

Got a buddy? Play 1 v 1 in the same grid for the same time repetitions.

And stay away from the room with the fine china!

Lee Cullip